Welcome to Mariangel Touch Studio

A space to awake self love


Where personalized care and expert technique combine to rejuvenate your skin and nourish your soul.

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Facials Treatments

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our luxurious facials, tailored to your unique skincare needs, leaving your complexion radiant, refreshed, and glowing.

Body Treatments

Surrender to pure relaxation as our skilled therapists melt away tension and restore harmony to your body and mind through a blissful array of soothing body massages, unlocking a state of profound tranquility.

Beauty Services

Elevate your beauty routine with our comprehensive range of exquisite beauty services, meticulously designed to enhance your natural features, leaving you feeling confident, empowered, and effortlessly beautiful.

Allow your body, mind and soul sense a haven of tranquility

Mariangel Touch Studio is a place where you can connect all your senses instantly, and they treat you as an unique and important client, and they offer you personalized services according to your needs.

A space created for you where we search wit our promise of value and be able to give you services and treatments likely to be:

  • Facial and body treatments.
  • With high-quality. dermatological products.
  • Qualified personal.
  • Accompaniment for you to continue your care at home.
  • And a clean feeling, with aromatherapy, music therapy.

Mariangel Touch is a space that seeks to make you feel unique, important while obtaining the results you are looking for, that is why we have a wide range of services.

We will be delighted to receive you and make you live an unforgettable experience, Mariangel Touch Studio, a touch of self-love.